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School Gate Guardian

The School Gate Guardian is in every building across the Altoona Area School District.  Upon arriving at the Peasant Valley main entrance, please buzz the secretary to be let into the first set of doors.  You will then be directed to scan your driver's license through the red School Gate Guardian security box. All visitors to the Pleasant Valley building must bring a valid driver's license to enter.  Once you scan your driver's license, a peel-and-stick name badge will print from the machine.  (Please wear this name badge at all times throughout the building.)  After receiving your name badge, please buzz the secretary again to be let in through the second set of interior doors and report directly to the main office.  
Adults picking up students at dismissal must remain at the school exits until students are dismissed. Adults are not permitted to go to the classroom to pick up students without permission from the office.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter