Mrs. Berkheimer's First Grade

I am in my 24th year of teaching.  All of those years have been here at PV!  I love watching my first graders grow.  It is such an amazing journey to see how much they learn in this very special year.
At home I am very busy with two active daughters.  Our evenings are filled with dance and soccer and I love every minute of it!
3 Helpful Hints for Parents
1.  READ, READ, READ, READ with your child everyday!  
It doesn't matter if your child cannot read or if your child is reading above grade level.  Exposing your child to various texts, vocabulary, and some good old one-on-one time is invaluable to their education and overall well being.
2.  Take a few minutes each night to practice the words that are in your child's yellow folder.                         
Even if your child can read the words, have him/her spell, write sentences, or even write stories.
3.  Find math all around.  Any time you can incorporate math into your day, your child will benefit.  Look for numbers, shapes, patterns, and problems.  You can also find opportunities for counting, estimating, and graphing.